It is just as important to know how to pack the small stuff as your over sized sweater:) After many trials and re-trials on how to pack the essentials, I now have it just right! How do you pack those toiletry items without wasting space and not missing anything? My tips are below with a fabulous video to go along! Bon Voyage!

Tips on Packing the good stuff!


*Get a clear, plastic carrying case with zippers to pack your toiletry items

* Small travel size clear containers work great for shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers or anything liquid. CVS has a great 15 piece set for $9.99 with pre-made labels!!

* Label your containers with a label maker vs. a sharpie in case you need to re-label your product (or use tape/a marker)

*Keep your toiletry bag packed at all times and replenish as needed. This tip is for avid travelers only! You want to keep your products fresh, so it is only necessary to restock if you are constantly on the go. For other travelers, fill your containers before your trip and empty them out when you return.

*If you are on the go all the time, it is a HUGE time saver to have two of everything! This comes down to hairdryers, hair straighteners, brushes, etc. That way you will always have your essentials packed and not have to worry about forgetting anything!

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