Packing the right can make a difference in how much time you spend BEFORE and DURING your trip. I have traveled quite extensively, having to be gone for long lengths at one time, changing from different cities and climates in one trip. Who wants to stare at their suitcase for hours trying to figure out what to pack? With a few simple tips, you can be on your way to getting packed in no time!

*My method of packing: CUBE it! I have tried the “rolling” method, trying to roll as many outfits as possible into one bag. Let me tell you what a pain it is to re-roll everything in the whole darn suitcase every time you want to get something out! Nope, not for me. Instead, I use expandable cubes and “section” my suitcase. I have several sizes for the cubes, so they fit right in. Sure, you can roll within the cube if you prefer it that way, but at least it’s sectioned off within your suitcase.

*How to cube it? Do whatever is best for you, but here are 2 easy ways: Either pack your outfits in order from Monday-Sunday OR have separate cubes for bottoms, top and dresses (my preferred method).

*Smaller cubes are great for socks in the winter(or summer if athletic), bathing suits, undergarments and accessories. Of course another great trick is to put your socks inside your athletic or other shoes for extra room.

*Where to get these magic cubes? I really like the expandable cubes at

*Traveling for an extended length of time? A great tip is to count each outfit twice to double your space. That way, you will have enough clothes even if you have to repeat them but also allowing room for new clothes purchases on your trip. I know I ALWAYS end up finding great clothes on every trip!

For further explanation, enjoy my how to packing video below!

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