Stress in inevitable in our lives and the only way to manage it is to deal with it. It’s not going to go away, but here are a few treats I’m sharing that I do for myself when I’m stressed. So de-stress peeps! And then get on with it!

1.) Tea. Yep, good ol’ tea. A nice tea over ice in the summer or a hot one in the winter de-stresses me immediately. Relax for a few brief moments before your busyness starts again. Dark tea is best, according to Dr. Oz. The tea  fights the hormones that are released into your system when you are stressed out. How cool is that! Drink away!!!!!

2.) Pilates-Stretch those muscles and strengthen that core! My F A V O R I T E  form of exercise. Build strength & flexibility while de-stressing? I’m in! Did YOU know that your body produces a chemical called Cortisol when you are stressed which gets stored as glucose in the fat cells? Yikes! What does this result in-why belly fat, of course! In other words, you need to get worki’n on de-stressing that body pronto!

3.) Hit those Accupressure points and give your face a mini massage yourself! Rub those earlobes   your body to create feel good hormones. How to? Press your index finger and your thumb on your ear lobes, and keep pressing and massaging by rubbing  up to the top of your ear.  Next, press lightly and gently again at the top of your ear and work your way back down your ear. You can also work acupressure on your eyebrow through a massage technique.  Take your index finger and your middle finger on each hand, and press right in-between your eyebrows.   As you go towards the middle of your eyebrow, press and rub along your eyebrow. Repeat both sequences a few times and you will be de-stressed in no time!

4.) Acupuncture:I can’t say enough about acupuncture. I personally have had shoulder and neck pain episodes for over 3 years. Over the past several months, I have regularly gone to see my acupuncturist. I cannot believe the difference in my body! My episodes have stopped for this first time this month in over 3 years and I feel like myself again. That’s my personal story, and I’m sure there are many people with health concerns that are challenging. I say give acupuncture a chance! It is completely natural and you feel rejuvenated instantly after a session. AND the best part-it forces you to RELAX and de-stress during your session! The Chinese haven’t been practicing  for thousands of years for nothing.  Go try it for yourself.