Ok, I hit you pretty hard in the previous post on the realities of what to expect in being a celebrity assistant. So, what about the good stuff??? Yepsters, there are quite a few perks out of the deal as well. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have assisted 3 top entertainers without the good stuff! So, here goes:

1.) The obvious one comes first-$$Money$$, dinero, you get the picture. This one is actually important because you want to make sure you are being compensated fairly. Why work your bum off 24/7 if you are not financially rewarded? You need to divide what you are being offered by 24/7 and see what that comes out too. It is not uncommon for most A-list assistants to make over 6 figures. That may sound like a lot at the beginning, but don’t forget you are giving up your time and lifestyle for the position. So get that dough! Oh, and please SAVE it! Don’t get sucked in and start spending like a celebrity. Once the gig is up, it is difficult to adjust to a lower salary if your spending like a mad woman (or man):))

2.) Clothes & Swag! Ahhh… I must say this is a nice perk. Celebs are sent an overload of free swag, clothes and products to try out. You name it, they get it. After a while, they simply don’t have enough room to contain everything or time to use everything. So what does that mean? Usually, you have first dibs at it! I’ll take gratis designer duds any day. Don’t forget your friends & family along the way. It’s no fun keeping everything to yourself so share your good fortune with others:)

3.) Awards, Events, Photo shoots, exclusive parties & shows.Ahh.. the Grammy’s! MTV! David Letterman! Ellen! Jay Leno!US weekly photo shoots… been there, done that.Not many people get to say they have done that. These locations are exciting to go to and keep it interesting. You can be totally exhausted and then realize you are about to meet Ellen and your energy level will sky rocket. Awards shows are also fun…what girl doesn’t want an excuse to dress up in her best(well, on a budget best, remember!) and flaunt her stuff. Checking out the other ensembles isn’t bad either. Enjoy this time as it goes by Fast!!

4.) Traveling. Most people barely make it for a few days on a vacation at best. Even so, it’s usually a beach trip just a few hours away or visiting relatives. A HUGE perk about being a celebrity assistant is the Traveling!! Hitting the top metropolitan cities and staying in the best hotels is not too shabby. On your own, there is no way you could afford a 5 star hotel in Manhattan or South Beach. Enjoy it! Yes, you will be alone in your room and lonely at times…but soak it up! It won’t be forever, so enjoy the time you have and treat yourself well during the times. Soak in that marble tub, put on the complimentary robe & order that sushi platter at midnight. Live like a Queen while you can and you’ll never forget it. I always like to save my room keys for the different hotels as keepsakes. A great way to keep those memories alive! And don’t forget to look around!! If you have a few hours to spare, make sure to check out that city. Yes, your phone will be buzzing off the hook but if you need 5 minutes to walk on the white sands and melt away in the ocean, go and do it….no regrets.

5.) Contacts.  This one is a huge. Keep up with your contacts!!!I have great relationships with everyone (well mostly) everyone. There maybe a couple that get under your skin, but that’s to be expected when you are working with a gazillion different people. For the most part, your circle will be close knit and tight, and make sure to round up positive people with a good attitude in general on your team. You never know what the future may hold and when you may need to get in touch with so and so. In return, be there for others when they need your assistance. You should soon be on your way to having a golden Rolodexat your fingertips (or outlooks contacts nonetheless!):) It’s also surprising how many wonderful, talented, creative and genuinely kind at heart people you will meet. I’ve meet some amazing individuals who are now my dear friends. That’s worth it in itself!

So have fun and get out there!!

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