No matter if you travel constantly or every once in a while, flying is a pain in the bazookA! I hate it and always will. The only gratifying part is leaping off of that aircraft to your final destination, preferably a warm & tropical one.  Here’s some tips that have helped me from making sure I’m comfy from the get-go:

KNOW YOUR SEAT: Chances are be you might get a cramped tiny seat in the worst part of the plane if you don’t do your research. With a few short clicks to these sites, you can check out your seat exactly and know which one to book.: OR

Both are great sites, informing of the best seat in the skies. For instance, you don’t want to be surprised if there is a media box under your seat and can’t store anything. Did you know that in rows 10, 11 & 12 there is usually  no window even though you requested a window seat?! Who knew! On, the green seats are the best and the red ones not so hot. Great site before your stuck sitting in no man’s land for hours. Check them out!

CHECK IN EARLY! You can check in on-line and print out your Boarding pass if you have carry-on luggage. I also recommend if you are traveling with your boss, to have their boarding pass printed out as well. You will look like a travel guru and win extra points.

GET AN ESCORT:You say what? Yep, they are available! If you have a high-profile OR high-maintenance boss, pay the extra $75 or so and get an airline escort to meet you at your car. Yes, they will do that! Call the airline and go through the proper channels to make your contact. The escort from the airline will meet you at your car & zip you straight through security. It’s particularly great for International flights. This gets you through the hustle & bustle in a speedy and efficient manner.

When possible, avoid parking at the airport.  Every time you travel, you don’t want to be a burden to your friends taking you to the airport. Especially when that involves going on a weekly basis. Driving yourself and accounting for the extra time to load on the shuttle and straining yourself with your bags until you unload them is also a pain. If a car service is out of the budget, I suggest Super Shuttle or a similar multi-pick up service. They are available in mostly metropolitan cities (La, NY, Miami, Charlotte, etc.) but also in unexpected Midwestern states. They have a pre-pay option to pay for one-way travel or round trip and allow you to pre-pay the tip as well.  Can’t argue with being picked up & dropped off at your door step and not even having to touch your luggage! Worth every penny (oh, and they are super affordable!)

* Don’t forget to check out my other post entitled “When in Flight”*. One tip from that post: When feeling nauseous in the air, grab a Gin-Gin Ginger chew(aka The Travelers Candy)! Great for getting rid of the Ick feeling. Bon Voyage!!!