EAT your veggies, exercise, blah…blah..blah.. We all know that stuff. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Some REAL tips for ya!

Man do I know how this is! Being on tour and working 24/7 in different cities can be SUPER rough on your body. Even I am guilty of putting on a few lbs when traveling coast to coast. However, I learned along the way how to try to manage it. I am by far NO Doctor but here a few of my tips:

1.) My favorite app I use all the time: Calorie Counter!! Best app ever! Little did I know I was sipping down 290 calories on my Starbuck’s Chai Tea Latte until I found this out! I’d rather eat a few french fries…..! This app is super helpful -something about visually seeing the calories BEFORE you order really does stop you in your tracks. A MUST HAVE

2.) Take snacks!!!Also a must. No need to grab that carb loaded easy to pick up bagel or parfait-open your bag withyour packed walnuts, crackers or a healthy alternative to grabbing extra calories until your next meal. Have a water bottle with you (preferably aluminum and refill it often). A lot of the time you may not be near a fridge, so it’s good to pack low-fat versions of trail mix & crackers(chive/cheddar are my fav.) Don’t overdo it on the trail mix though-many can be super fattening so make sure to only eat the amount per serving & get a lower fat gram version. I divide mine up in single servings so it is already calculated when ready to snack!

3.) GET ON THAT SCALE! Yepsters, look that number straight in the eye EVERY morning! Call it psycho?Whatever. Keeps you from gettin’ FAT! It makes you mindful when you have gained a few stone and need to nip them in the bud before they get out of control. Your weight will fluctuate daily within a couple of lbs, but that’s usually it. For me, this has been super helpful in keeping me a consistent weight. I have the clear digital scale that pops your # up fast!. I weigh first thing in the am before eating or drinking.

4.) SPANX it up girl …or guy!When you need to lose a little, don’t get comfy in those clothes. Wear something tight that restricts you and yes…a little uncomfortable. But you know what? You’ll eat less because you feel full. Try it out, you’ll see. AND while your doing that, you’ll look 5 pounds thinner in your clothes. Good news for men….Spanx has them available for you as well:)  I sure know some dudes that could use some! For the ladies, they have some great power Spanx thin enough for daily wear. (




5.) DINERS beware. It’s late at night, you have the munchies…your options are limited. PAY ATTENTION to what you are ordering! Your at Mel’s Diner at midnight..don’t go nuts on the onion rings. And a BIG TIP-order most of yourthings DRY or STEAMED. For instance, think you having a healthy 1am omelette? Think again. You better order that thing dry or it is  dripping in oil. Veggies also-order steamed and NO butter. All sauces should be on the side. INCLUDING SALAD DRESSINGS! I know these are YUMSO’s, but dip and go. Be careful of that delicious condiment! If you must, drizzle lightly and only use a small portion of what is given to you.

6.) DIVIDE your plate: When your meal is served to you, automatically divide your plate into two portions. Restaurant are notorious for giving too much food out. Get that goodness to go and only eat half of your plate. Just as Dr. Oz says—-the food on your plate should be NO more than 1 inch high and 2 inches from the plate. Its’ not Thanksgiving folks.  Another plate tip: When at home, I ALWAYS eat on a salad plate, rather than a huge dinner plate. No dividing my food up-I eat every bite on those little things! It keeps your portions under control in an easy way.