So the question I am asked the most? Just how did YOU get into the business as a celebrity assistant?

Okay Okay, I’ll tell ya my little story. Well…for me personally I was lucky (prob. don’t want to hear that) and learned about a celeb  position through my sister’s ex-boyfriend. He worked at an agency and he came across it. However, I was up against a lot of competition and my savviness had to shine through:)  My second position I obtained through an agency (more details below) & my last position I went after myself  directly. Don’t underestimate the power of a letter!

Good news though. There are ways to get into that world. Here are a few tips on how to get in the door:

*Try to get a job at an entertainment place (ex. E! news for example). This could also pertain to a lot of  different avenues. You could try entertainment law agencies, top photographers, make-up agencies, Executive positions, etc. Keep your ear out for openings going around in the industry. The best people that know? The glam squad! Those works of wonder artists know all! Hairstylists, make-up artists, wardrobe stylist, nail tech, etcs. They are the insiders to all networks & know when “so & so” is looking for an asst.   Tip: Don’t procrastinate! When the job is hot, you better strike fast! A ton of people would love to have that position, so put your best foot forward & seize the opportunity!

*What type of talent do you want to work for?

If it’s for a musician, I would try to get in the door working at a top music label company. Plenty to choose from in NY and LA. If it’s for an actor, try to get in with a large studio. Your not going to be making big bucks at first and may have to climb that ladder. I guess it depends on how bad you want it. Once again, your work will show for yourself once on the inside and you can meet the right people who know on the up & up what’s going on with the talent.


*Network, network, network!

When you get your pedicured foot into that door, don’t underestimate your roll. No matter if your opening the door or answering the phone, you are the gatekeeper & can make things happen. That gives you power…and a great Rolodex. Keep building that Rolodex and stay in touch with your contacts. You will be amazed how you may need to reach out to that person a year or two in the future. Don’t underestimate the world of entertainment. The circle is actually very small and everyone knows everyone.

*Keep a good name

You should always be able to have a great reference in regards to your work ethic. My biggest advice is don’t lose yourself. That’s the most important part. No matter how big you get, don’t let that ego get a hold of you. Your friends & family are the best ones to tell when your stepping onto that high horse and make sure to listen to them. Also, treat everyone with respect. I mean everyone.  The people you surround yourself should be an awesome team and your just their team leader. The housekeeper, nanny and driver should be treated like gold and happy to come to work everyday. If they are happy, they will give their best at their job which in turn makes it easier for you! Oh yea, there’s that saying too….”Do unto others…” Always a good one to remember!


Once, and only once you have the experience of assisting, you are ready for a little help. Your next step is to find an agent. Yes, assistants have agents too. Funny, isn’t it? I personally recommend The Grapevine agency (they have one in NY also or The Help Co. (in LA). I’ve had wonderful customer service & experience with both of them. Their sites usually list available positions and apply ONLY if qualified. Otherwise, wait until you are ready.

Hope these SAVVY tips have helped and good luck getting in on the inside!