Over my years of traveling, I used to accumulate quite a bit. Wanting to buy everything in site at a new location, my spending money dwindled down fast and my suitcase was always overfilled. I have found that the smaller & more creative things as souvenirs mean the most. Here’s a few ideas for your next travel gig. These are things that I look for:

M a g n e t s

It is so much fun to collect these small tokens of culture! They are adorable in size & craft, unique wherever you go and capture the festiveness of the place you are in-I can’t get enough of them! I make sure to grab one in each place I travel.  They are economical to buy and easy to carry back.  Worried that your once chic looking magnets will take over your fridge into a cluttered mess? No worries. Be creative with how you display them. You can get a shadow box and place them inside. My personal favorite? I adore this magnetic board from www.ballards.com. They come in several color and sizes. I have the rattan one and love it! You can hang with the accompanying ribbon or lay against the wall like I do. LOVE IT!!

♥My board below…filled with my best travel memories (about 1/3 of them!). I love waking up and being reminded of my favorite places in an instant. Looking forward to getting another board and filling it up quickly!

B o o k m a r k s

Anywhere you travel to, another inexpensive souvenir are bookmarks. They are available everywhere and can be used daily. I can’t tell you how fun it is to come back from an amazing trip and after you read your favorite book that night, you get to mark your ending spot with your days in Rome.



P o s t c a r d s

These can be serious, quirky , artistic & colorful. Love me some postcards! Postcards can really capture the essence of a place, from a black & white Eiffel Tower picture, a colorful picture of Rome to street vendor watercolors in Florence. These little goodies are easy to get & carry back with you. I usually bring a plastic sleeve with me in my suitcase to hold all of my bendable items. I put them in the top part of my suitcase and they arrive unbent and intact. When you return from your tip, you can get economical frames at various store from T.J. Maxx, Target, Michaels, whatever.  Remember the metric system is different in other countries. Therefore I think it’s best to get a self mounting piece yourself and a larger frame to mount it. Works great. Here’ s a few that I have framed along:




T i c k e t s  P l e a s e

That’s right. Saving your tickets are a great way to remember where you have been. These can be anything from metro tickets, museum tickets,  show tickets, airline tickets, etc. I love my Eiffel Tower ticket as much as my entry to the Sherlock Holmes museum in London. Great memories are held in those little bits of paper. You can store them in your favorite box  or travel themed trunk.


OK, MAYBE a little bit of B L I N G!

ok, ok. Even I’m guilty of also getting a little something extra sometimes. Street vendors in other countries have great deals on jewelry. I tend to stay on the street and not too far inside the fancy jewelry stores that may have something similiar with  a higher price tage. These little bobbles make great gifts to! The most important thing is to stick with a budget, like 15-20 euro for a ring or less. Here’s a few I picked up in Italy of Murano glass that I love & wear constantly:



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