Why buy those first aid kits in the store when you can make your own? If you  travel a lot, you may accumulate rather odd things that you need in a first aid kit that the pre-packaged ones may not offer. It’s no fun being in an unfamiliar city and needing to find a sewing kit to sew on that button that popped off mid-flight. My solution? Create your own make-shift kit by  gathering the items you need and put them in an empty face wipes plastic container. It works amazing. Even though this snaps shut, I put a rubber band around mine for extra measure. They are the PERFECT size, hold quite a bit and fit great in a suitcase due to the square sides. I have a white one but the picture below is depicted in purple for easier viewing.

What’s in my first-aid kit? Well, let me open up my handy container and see. My list is below, but customize yours to fit your needs.

My Personal first-aid kit:

*small scissors. nail file.small nail clippers.nail polish remover travel size. mini-sewing kit

*neosporin.hydrocortizone cream.tea tree oil for aches/sore muscles.cough drops

*pepto-bismol chewable tablets.kaopectate.ibuprofen

*skin shield liquid.band-aids.blister shields

It has taken many trips to get my kit just right, but every time I travel sure enough I end up using most all of the items.I often pat myself on the back every time I need something and it’s in my packaged with care first aid-kit. Travel with your mind at ease!

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