OMG, the closets. They are the hardest to organize. Luckily, your learning from a shopaholic how to organize her hoards of clothes, shoes & jewelry!

Starting with the BLING!

I have tried many ways to organize jewelry. I’ve come to the conclusion their are 2 types that are the best. The first is the HANGING jewelry case. Get a clear hanging jewelry bag that has pockets on both sides. This can fit in your closet and drop in your earrings, necklaces and bracelets with ease. This really is a great way to see your entire jewelry collection in a few seconds. Nowadays, you can get really cute prints on the bags, depending on your decor. Simple ones in cloth or vinyl are available at

For those who like to have their jewelry laid out INSIDE their dresser, a second way to lay out your jewelry is to get a clear compartment jewelry tray.  To mix them up, have small & large ones ranging from $8.99 to $11.99. Their square shape fits great inside your drawer, making it easy to assemble and clear to see your goods.

Socks & Undies:

We all have way too many of these! The best way to organize them is to get a small compartment (or make one athome) and put in your drawer. Have one for your socks and divide half for white & half for black socks (or multi colored). They come in 32 compartment size, so that gives you 16 spaces for each color(organize tights & leggings this way as well). This is also a great way to keep your “onesie” socks from getting in the way. For those socks that have lost their partner, keep a bag in the corner of your closet and drop the loose ones in as they collect. Once a month, have a “sock party”  and match them up again. This really works and saves you a ton of time looking for that sock’s match in the wee hours of the morning.


Boots: I am an avid shoe shopper, having collected about 20 pairs of boots along the way. Without the proper way to store them, they can get lost in the closet and flop over to one side while loosing their shape. A great way to keep your boots standing straight is to roll up a magazine and insert one in each boot. It’s free and recycles last months issue automatically!

 Those random shoes:Ok, now the trickier part. I had about 10 pairs of flip-flops, jellies, bedroom slippers, adidas slip-ons and a few cheap ballet shoes that were overloading my closet. My solution? I found a cute damask print over sized bin at Home Goods and dumped them all in! Yep, no more closet overload.

My low cost shoes piled into my bin! Easy to grab, especially when there’s no more room in the closet to store! Love IT!




Headbands to the rescue! I was looking for a great way to organize my headbands and came across this awesome site She makes home-made items and blogs them out. This one involved using an empty oatmeal container. I skipped the step on decorating the container and just stuck my headbands right on top! My headbands covered the container in an instant, not showing a peep of the Quaker Oats label lurking underneath. My jumbled pile of headbands is no more! It’s easy to find & coordinate the next headband with this SIMPLE but useful solution!