Thanks for joining our Eczema Spa Skin and Beauty podcast episode today, where we change your skin. If you are new here, I am Lindsey Holder – Licensed Master Esthetician and former spa owner of over 14 years. Today we have a very special guest who is the Eczema queen. Andra McHugh cracked the code on eczema through meticulous research and real-world experimentation. She not only healed her own children but also transformed their lives, freeing them from painful, peeling skin and today she is going to share with us how she did it! Lets dive into the show and welcome Andra McHugh.

Today Lindsey also talks about the new Droplette Device 2.0 with two new capsules that we have tried!

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Clear Skin Kids Course:

The Clear Skin Kids Course offers a comprehensive solution, enabling busy parents like you to heal your child’s itchy and rashy skin from within. Discover effective strategies for clear, healthy skin, including customized meal plans, proven skincare routines, creating an anti-inflammatory home environment, and identifying sensitivities or harmful bacteria. Gain essential guidance to eliminate eczema and nurture your child’s skin health with confidence.

Eczema Kids Apple Podcast Link: Eczema solutions for natural healing and comfort

Eczema Kids Website – Go-to place for natural eczema solutions

The Clear Skin Kids Course – Learn how to reduce inflammation, reverse your child’s eczema symptoms, create a toxin-free environment and identify the root cause of your kid’s skin condition so you can stop the itch/scratch cycle and HEAL your child from the inside out.

Here is a link to Andra’s free facebook group, Eczema Solutions for Kids, Natural Healing and Comfort


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