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Lindsey Holder brings her experience as a successful business owner of two brands, author, well-known and highly respected former Celebrity PA and Fortune 500 Executive PA to others. Lindsey has an exceptional talent to build a business or brand from the ground up, understanding first hand the challenges, obstacles and creative mindset that goes behind the scenes when starting a business. As one who has been interviewed and successfully worked for three Grammy winning Entertainers, she understands what it takes to obtain the job and how to conduct yourself in the interview. Lindsey grew her current business by 45% percent in one year. How? Strategic steps, planning and learning from both successes and failures [where her best work has come out of].

If you need guidance, insight or have questions on how to build your business, want to brain-storm, have business challenges or obstacles, how to get that Celeb PA position, in the PA industry and have questions…Lindsey IS the must have in your corner. She looks forward to helping you succeed and grow to meet your goals.

Career Coaching sessions include:

*Small business start-ups or Owners

*Leadership skills

*Interview Prep


*Building a Business

*PA Industry

*Executive PA’s

*Current & Seeking Celebrity PA’s

*Blogging Advice & Recommends


 Schedule a 60 minute session by contacting Lindsey’s team via:


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