acupuncture needles

Acupuncture…a pain-free health alternative

Instead of just talking about my new found love, acupuncture….why not  show you! Take an inside look at one of my sessions with Dr. Marina Ponton of Natural Health. The age-old question…does acupuncture hurt? Nope! The needles are very small and feels like a slight pinch. Acupuncture has personally helped me over the last year […]

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chocolate chip cookie

Cookies without the guilt

I had this cookie the other day (ok, maybe not just ONE cookie!) and HAD to have the recipe. The original recipe was cut down to include better alternatives for a healthier cookie AND reduced the original recipe by 1800 calories per batch! No guilt eating chocolate chip cookies (in moderation)? I’m in! Enjoy this […]

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kiss my face sunscreen

Get that glow! Make-up & hair tips

If I could wear glitter on my face all day and be considered normal, I would! I am a true sucker for anything that shimmers, reflects, glows, highlights or illuminates! So obviously, I thought it was pretty darn cool when Edward was able to shimmer in the daylight! With a few simple tricks, you can […]

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pilates move

Pilates on the go-leg series

PILATES ON THE GO! Here is a second video  in my Pilate’s series! This video focuses on leg moves. I like to do short simple videos so you can do these moves, even if you only have a few minutes. Mix and match the videos that fit your needs! Don’t forget to always do the other […]

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toiletry items

Packing the small stuff!

It is just as important to know how to pack the small stuff as your over sized sweater:) After many trials and re-trials on how to pack the essentials, I now have it just right! How do you pack those toiletry items without wasting space and not missing anything? My tips are below with a fabulous video […]

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