Snack Time

Reaching out for those snacks during your busy lunch day? I had no idea Nature Valley had yummy biscuit treats, pumpkin spice bars or this cool protein bar. My recent find which really satisfies those chocolate and peanut butter cravings are their bite size (well, about two-three bites) granola cups. I am not a huge […]

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Modern Mary Poppins 017

The Modern Mary Poppins Work Halloween Costume

Bring a modern twist to a Mary Poppins Halloween Costume at work this year Grab a black umbrella, black skirt, tights, booties, slim black belt, open white blouse, open red bow tie, pearl baubles,a black hat and you are set! A Few Essentials to make it complete: Glo suede matte crayon and concealer and “They’re […]

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mary poppins

Halloween Work Appropriate Costumes

H A L L O W E E N… Is approaching fast upon us.  Is your office dressing up this year?  There is a fine line between dressing up for Halloween at work so keep it professional with some fun this Halloween in the office. You will most likely still need to be in a […]

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Work Week Lunches

    Hey there busy body! For those Professionals and busy bodies on the go, days can be filled with meetings back to back, conference calls and running errands all day to keep your head above water. Having a healthy and filling lunch are essential to keeping a well balanced life and more productive day. […]

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Work Wear: Layering Vests & Dusters

Adding dusters and vests to your wardrobe can vamp up your favorite black dress, hide those derrière’s in a sophisticated manner {especially when wearing tighter jeggings], add another layer or aide with a seasonal transition. A few takes on this season’s FALL dusters and vests for the casual work week:     A few of […]

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