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Ten Spring Essentials

Welcome back Spring! Here we come bright colors, open sandals, multi-prints and geometric baubles. Our pedicure will be top-notch, we shall tote in style and accessorize for every sunny day. Savvy’s style this season for your best spring looks below:   1) Christiana Fedora Hat from Francesca’s $24. Top off your fresh spring styles this […]

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9 Tech Savvy Gadgets for Spring

The Gadget obsessed will delight in these Savvy Tech finds. Upload your new Spring tunes on this graphic inspired portable speaker; take snaps of your finest moments with this binge worthy camera and the sports enthusiast will relish in using either or both of these fitness trackers and arm bands. The mobile dependent professional will […]

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Queen of Hearts: 10 Valentine Style Must Haves

  This Valentine’s Day, whether you are in love, in between love or looking for love, there is always one person you can love…YOURself {aren’t you the best?}. Of course, your family & friends are also at the top of the list. Sometimes a splash of RED on this Day of Love is the perfect […]

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Winter Warmth: 8 Cozy Essentials

Brrr…Winter is coming so bring on COZY & COMFY. In case your power source fails, Santa brought me this super bright LED Old Timey Lantern to light the way. Let it serve double time on those camping trips making smores and memories. If bulky gloves prevent you from finding that “perfect” fit, try this half glove […]

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Photo Story: A New Take on your Next Photo Session

~VISION  up your next  photo session with your beloved~ My good friend Julie {aka Jules}recently celebrated  8 years with her hubby. She wanted a visionary that represented the “real us” as she stated. It was to take place over 3 scenes, each meaningful places for the couple.  Jules shares below a creative way to express […]

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