Not your Average Christmas Gift Guide

As a hurried and bustling BUSINESS owner, I typically needs things fast. Although at the same time, I am particular about what I desire and what can make my life easier.

This Christmas guide is different: It’s meant to make things EASIER and things that YOU can use in your daily life that WORK.


I am an Amazon Prime every week kind of user, so my Christmas Guide is straight off Amazon . Some of these items have made it from my other favorite things list as well!

If I could not order it off Amazon, it did not make the list. And there is everything from the best travel eye masks, beauty tools, this cheek highlighter I use every single day, favorite driving gloves (no judgement, I”m an Esthetician), daily note book, computer privacy screen, favorite hole puncher (yes, I’m getting that specific), headphones, beauty organizer for make-up and skincare, manicure UV protective gloves, enzyme scrub, beauty mirror so we can see all angles of our hair, small tote book bag, silicone baking cups, this marble cutting board, these beautiful measuring spoons, magnetic dry erase calendar, best small business ladder, the best paper shredder (I told you it’s not average), cell phone car mount, this magnesium spray oil I use every night (have used ever since a massage therapist told me to spray on my legs and it works!), business books to yes my everyday tongue scraper! (yep, it works!), office organizers and of course gluten free cookies!


I have got you covered from business to beauty, home and accessories. All of the items listed are what I personally have ordered over the past year or use that keep both my Spa and Home office running smoothly as well as my household and also keep me healthy (ok, there may be a cookie or two on the list).  Enjoy and I could not wait to share it with you!

And it’s VERY easy to get to.

Just click HERE to go directly to my Amazon Page and review this list [or lists I should say].

I add frequently so keep coming back and if you have any favorite to share with me, let me know!

*Happy Holidays and CHEERS for the most successful and productive year yet*




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