Small Business Coaching for the Entrepreneur

Want me to help YOU get motivated and reach those goals? Not sure where to start or have specific questions?


After countless requests to offer a small business coaching service, I have listened and am now opening that opportunity. What makes me a valuable resource? Well…

I bring my experience as a successful business owner of two brands, author, well-known and highly respected former Celebrity PA and Fortune 500 Executive PA to others. As a  former Remington National Style Ambassador , I have worked with leading Brands among others including Staples, Remington, Magellan, Pong and Vacay Style. Currently I own a successful running spa, responsible for leading my team daily and maintaining satisfied clients. I know first hand how to keep up with the trending market, the ability to connect and relate to my audience all the while constantly building and creating at the same time. As an Entrepreneur at heart, this small small business owner and lifestyle personality takes pride and enjoyment working with entrepreneurs, individuals, unique brands, products, and projects to offer my audience valued content and inspirational style.

Building is my passion. I know how to build a business or brand from the ground up, understanding first hand the challenges, obstacles and creative mindset that goes behind the scenes when starting a business.  How? Strategic steps, planning and learning from both successes and failures [where my best work has come out of].

If you need guidance, insight or have questions on how to build YOUR business, desire to brain-storm, need to discuss business challenges or obstacles …I look forward to assisting you to succeed and grow to meet your goals.

Career Coaching sessions include:

*Small business start-ups or Owners*Leadership skills*Interview Prep*Resumes*Building a Business*PA Industry*Executive PA’s*Current & Seeking Celebrity PA’s*Blogging Advice & Recommends

 Schedule a 60 minute “WORK WITH ME BUSINESS COACH” session through my spa site here

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  2. Lyn October 13, 2016 at 10:42 pm #

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