Favorite Healthy Finds

Hey there Healthy

Time to FEEL & look your healthiest with my FAVORITE healthy finds this Spring…enjoy!

1} Lose It ! App



*Free App to Track every morsel you eat!  SOO in LOVE with this!

*Enter your weight, GOAL weight, height & it will calculate & track how many cals you need to eat that day. Did I mention it was F R E E ?

lose it phone

Image Credit: Lose It



2}Water Infuser by Jokari :$3-$7

Lemons, Limes, Mint leaves…BRING IT! I’m spici’n up my water with this cool beans Water Infuser found on Amazon. Simply drop in your healthy fruits, mint leaves Or vegetable options and INFUSE that water, pulp free. GULP away!

water pitcher

3} Reduce Vision Water Filtration Pitcher : $30

Hunting for a Stainless Steel filtration system, I landed on this beauty. The reviews were accurate as I use this pitcher everyday & my water tastes great {even yummier when I infuse it using my Water Infuser!}



4} Planet Fitness :$10 Monthly {WOW!}

planet fitness

Hopefully you have one of these gyms near you. If you are a no thrills, just need a quick gym workout person like myself, then boy you’ll LOVE this place!

A newbie member, the convenient 24 hour service, no contracts & $10 monthly cost has me hooked. Favorite part? Check out the 30 minute Quick workout center. Very cool.

planet fitness

Image Credit: Planet Fitness

5} Trader Joe’s Frozen Quinoa Duo: $3.99

H e l l o  Protein. You are YUMMY! This Trader Joe frozen quinoa item is a staple in my freezer. Super duper quick to fix, it is a complete PROTEIN and also has delicious zucchini & sweet potatoes mixed in. I usually enjoy with a piece of Ahi Tuna or Salmon & top with yogurt sauce.



Image Credit: Trader Joe’s 



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