Get that glow! Make-up & hair tips

If I could wear glitter on my face all day and be considered normal, I would! I am a true sucker for anything that shimmers, reflects, glows, highlights or illuminates! So obviously, I thought it was pretty darn cool when Edward was able to shimmer in the daylight! With a few simple tricks, you can put some illumination to your daily routine and get those extra heads turning your way. Here are a few of my FAVORITE  products, from shiny ones to basic ones that help “enhance” my features.  Enjoy!!

1.) Eye M Glam: I found this product while reading one of Kim Kardashian’s tweets about her make-up artist, Mario Dedivanovic. I checked out the pics of her on the red carpet and HAD to have that product. I literally ordered it right then at This is a sheer highlighting powder that seriously gives you an amazing glow. I usually put a touch on the apple of my cheeks, down my nose and on my forehead. If you check out my pics, you will see a “glow” in the pics. Well, that ain’t me! That’s Eye M Glam powder creating that shine! You can also brush across your décolletage at night! A little goes a loooong way, so put on lightly. You will soon add to this your daily regime and feel like  Mario himself put on your make-up that morning!

2.)  DUST IT ! Sprinkle this in your hair before fixing, and watch it get to new heights! This soft matte powder feels super light and lasts for up to 48 hours! It can make your hair volume up to three times more. I use this usually every day and ask your stylist if they carry it or can get for you.

3.) Moroccan Mineral Shimmering Sands Facial Tanner!

I LOVE this product! My new obsession. Easy to apply, extending your tan with a nice, even shimmering glow. I use this after I get an airbrush spray tan to keep up the color on my face. For best results, I apply two pumps worth of product evenly on my face & neck at night. I wake up in the morning with a nice, warm glow. Here is a great picture of a before & after look:

4.) Rck Body Lotion

Late one night, I got sucked into some type of award show party QVC was having and this shimmery product came on the screen. I remember having to snap myself out of being in a daze, watching the product turn the leg or arm they were demonstrating into a bronzed glow of hotness. Of course, my issue of always wanting something instantaneously,I  ordered the product on QVC within minutes. As soon as I got the product, I smeared (yes smeared) the bronzed liquid everywhere I could put it. About 10 minutes later, my legs looked bronzed and shimmery! The best feature is that the product does not get on your clothes or anything you touch, so you can sit worry-free on that white couch and watch your legs glow. Available exclusively for purchase at QVC.

5.) Bourjois lip  gloss

My lip gloss of choice is by Bourjois. I love the Rose arctic color in 15. Yes, I love gooey, shiny gloss. I could slather it on mounds high. Nothing is better than a shiny gloss reflecting in the light. Okay, maybe I’m getting a little carried away. BUT, I do love a great gloss, and Bourjois delivers a perfect pink color with just the amount of luster. For a less expensive alternative, Revlon #130 in soft whisperer does a prettydarn good job as well. Both are worth checking out.

These two products are not featured in the video blog, but I love them the same & use them daily:

6.) Stila  convertible color blush

My celebrity make-up artist friend told me about this when I asked her what product would give my cheeks that “dewy” look. She swears by this creamy concoction and uses it on all of her high-profile clients. Of course, I sped to the nearest Sephora and picked up one for myself.  Swipe just a touch of the cream blush onto your fingertips and blend into the apples of your cheeks. Makes you look like a teenager all over again with rosy, sun -kissed cheeks!

7.) Kiss my Face sun spray

I prefer a spray over lotion when it comes to sunscreen. I love this natural sun spray by Kiss my Face with an spf of 30. It has BOTH UVA (the aging rays) and UVB (the burning rays) protection and other great features, such as: * fragrance free * water resistant *paraben free * retains SPF after 40 minutes in the water. Don’t forget to apply 20 minutes before sun exposure and reapply as needed.

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