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Dream Building2

The last post I wrote was right before the Holidays, holy smokes.

What happened in between then?

Well, just the   B  E  S  T . T  H  I  N  G.  E V E R .

…I built my  ~ d r e a m ~

dreambuilding Collage

My Spa

Shortly after college I envisioned & created a goal to one DAY own a storefront & write a book.  I didn’t, however, know what, when, where or how. The difference between a daydreamer & dream builder? Two words…visible ACTION.

Dream building can take a day, weeks, months or even years. But the result is always the same. It is done. Dream building may fail, it may triumph, but you did it!

ebook-cover1My original storefront was envisioned to be a shoe store & my book to be  fiction {the one I published turned out to be more awesome, a resource for other PA’s}.

I worked hard for years trying to make that happen, but there was always something blocking from allowing either to occur. I didn’t give up, instead I changed directions{better yet, followed the directions the good Lord paved}. Again and Again. Multiple attempts on what the store would be, how capital would be raised, etc., was a constant challenge.

I never imagined my envisioned shoe store I would have would actually be a SPA.  The fiction book I painstakingly wrote and thought was fabulous, was turned down by every publisher imaginable. That was a blessing in disguise.

Little did I know around the corner I would be creating an Internationally known Blog for Professionals that would open doors for speaking engagements, a Style Ambassador title, paid trips and National brand endorsements. I would also soon be able to have a way to produce my own darn book at my fingertips via a little known source called e-books. Oh how I smile when I look back at it all.

My dream building did not take a day, a month or years. It took over a decade to come to fruition for both my e-book and my storefront. But it did come. It also did not come alone. An overwhelming sincere THANK YOU to my unbelievable parents, sister, friends & team who’ve allowed me to achieve these goals. Your sweat (literally) & listening ears were not taken for granted {and still aren’t}.

Good things are truly worth the wait. And it really is All in HIS timing, not yours.

gods timing

So that’s where I’ve been. Opening my dream to the public after 2.5 years of looking for the perfect space to expand my business, price, location, experience that I needed, it finally happened. And when the timing was right, it came together seamlessly. It was just,well…meant to be.

My hats I wear change hourly keeping my dream alive and I humbly answer when my name is called as  the owner, cleaning lady, Esthetician, marketing manager, HR department, client relations, complaint department, blogger, receptionist, promotions expert, stock clerk, purchase manager or social media department.  No toilet uncleaned, trash picked up or any form of sweat equity is above me or my team. It is important to me to live & display my life with a servant leader mentality as well as my team {Dave Ramsey: Entreleadership is such an amazing read…thanks Lora & Bryan!}


Getting to live your Dream everyday is priceless and a blessing. Building your Dream is the highest honor to give yourself. I am inspired by others who have built their Dreams & I hope my story has inspired yours. Well, I consider this a “Chapter” of my story. This gal’s got a lot to write about &  B U I L D still. What about you?

Share Your Dreams! Connect via my social media forms & share how YOU Built your dream {or one that’s in the works}

~Get ready for the next post: How to Work for A Dream Builder~






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Savvy Santa: 2013 Gift Guide

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Savvy Gift Guide 2013

Oh it’s that time, YIPPEE…..the 2013 Savvy Santa Gift Guide!

I loaded my Savvy sleigh this year with a few of my favorite finds. This comfy tunic I have lived in this season, perfect over  Winter inspired leggings & paired with these cute & cozy cuffed UGG ankle booties I strut in constantly.  My morning  Java is brewed with this $10 single serve maker I adore & in the afternoon tea is my preference to sip on &  rejuvenate my spirit. Of course candles are always lit at my house, so I bring another soy candle that is as yummy on your skin as the aroma {Citrus Basil & Wild Mint scent is beyond}.  Twice weekly I refreshen & brighten my skin with Livia’s Peppermint Exfoliant {….ahhh} &  brighten my eyes daily with the Urban Decay 24/7 { love them so much the green shade made it on last year’s Savvy Santa  list}.

2013 Savvy Gift Guide

1} Sip it: Spice & Tea store {yummy green teas & spices}

2} Brew It: Kitchen Selective single Brew maker {shop around; found mine at Old Time Pottery for $10}

3} Create ambiance & soften skin with: Creative Energy soy candles

4} Walk confidantly in: Ugg Australia’s Lynnea Boots

5} Look smashing in: Cabi gray striped Tunic

6} Strut those legs in: Patterned winter leggings {similar style}

7} Highlight your eyes with: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on eye pencil set

8} Polish your skin using: Livia Peppermint Exfoliant

9} Be Extra fabulous & learn PA tips reading: “How To Become A Celebrity Assistant: Your Inside Source”


~May your stocking be filled with goodies but remember the true meaning of Christmas in celebrating our Savior’s birth, your heart overflow with kindness & your families cherished during this Holiday time~

Happy Holidasy 2013


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A Day of Thanks from these Awesome PA’s

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Happy Thanksgiving to All Savvy Readers!  What a perfect day to reflect on the blessings & gifts we have had this past year.

~A fun twist this year. Enjoy what our AWESOME PA’s have said they are thankful for as well as highlighting their charity of choice~


Tiffany Rinehart:

I am grateful for my family, friends & health.

One charity that I work a lot with is .It is a great organization that offers tickets to sporting events and concerts to actively serving soldiers and veterans. We give them tickets to all of Kathy’s tour dates.



Donna Coulling:

I’m grateful for all of the support my friends and family have given me throughout this roller coaster year. Thankful to the companies who have employed me and given me the opportunity to travel globally and meet incredible PA’s (not so thankful for all of the jet lag and probable early ageing!), I’m very grateful to Williams Sonoma and their peppermint bark hot chocolate (yet ungrateful they won’t ship it to the UK!)

I support Centrepoint who support homeless young people to give them a future – no-one deserves to be homeless ever. And over the holidays this always feels more magnified.


This year, I’m thankful for my growing family: the arrival of my first niece this September, and the expectation of my first child – a girl, coming in February! I’m grateful for my husband: for the support he gives me every day, for his patiently moving and assembling furniture to get ready for the baby, and especially for the 2 cases of It’s-It ice cream sandwiches he ordered for our first anniversary on November 9th.


NYCA has added a charity component to our annual holiday party; last year we donated toys to local kids affected by Superstorm Sandy, and this year we will be holding a canned food drive for City Harvest ( Personally, the charity I support on a regular basis is Heifer International (, which aids and empowers impoverished communities around the world through livestock gifts and agricultural education to provide food and sustainable income for the long-term. Donations range from a share of a goat ($10) or a flock of ducks ($20), to the Ark ($5,000).

city harvest

Bonnie Low-Kramen:
I am grateful for my 25 year old son Adam who calls to tell me he loves me and we have great talks about real things.

The charity I support is 180 Turning Lives Around based in Freehold, NJ Domestic Violence Services for Women, Men, and Children


Brandon Branch:

I’m thankful for Gin and Tonics after a long day of work, my 2 dachshunds Simon and Charlie, and a boyfriend who loves to clean house!!

The Charity I support is The Baglady Foundation. Paula Deen started this foundation. It gives money and help to women and children who need a hand up. I have seen first hand the power of this charity and it has changed my life.

the bag lady

Kelly Kall:

I am very thankful for my family, friends and my wonderful job and amazing boss. This has been a hard year for my family, but I think it has made us stronger and closer. I’m lucky to be surrounded by great friends out here in LA and I am thankful for my boss who has given me time off to visit my Dad who is very sick.

This year I have donated to a few cancer charities as this hits home for me. I am also a big supporter of any animal charity/animal rescue

Ninie Lewis:

I am thankful for my husband, our three special needs dogue de bordeaux dogs/kids who have been quite a challenge, and have changed our lives in the best way ever! I am also thankful for my awesome job that allows me to work from home, donut holes, beachbody workout dvd’s, and my dvr. 

Tazzy Fund Rescue operates as a full functioning animal rescue, while focusing on seniors and the medically challenged. I became friends with the founder Leilani while I was helping to place a rescue dog in a great home. Her charity is amazing and continues to save many dogs!


Hi I’m Kipper! Click on my cute self to adopt me

Arm The Animals creates killer T-Shirts that make a statement, raise awareness and generate funds for small, struggling animal rescues. A good friend of mine started the company and I like to donate my time and help in any way possible to them.



Image credit: Giggles to Go


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