Business Growth depends on VISION and CREATIVITY

Vision & creativity are  key components of GROWTH

Recently I re-branded myself to the Savvy Professional as my career had taken on another level. I have found in business you can excel at a skill but also need the business mind to back that up. That includes understanding the market, what drives it and how to be original. Then you need to GROW. Your clients also love growth and respond to new products, features and ideas. Otherwise your business remains stagnant, missing opportunity and possibilities.

When thinking of that vision for my re branding, I wanted playful fun high heels, a flowy skirt and a great backdrop.My photographer and I had a few minutes to shoot as a large hail storm was about to roll in…but it was perfect. The light was clear and and bright right before the clouds came & the wind bustled up to get my skirt flowing “naturally” just the way I had envisioned! The storm ended up becoming the perfect scenario and exactly what was needed. Sometimes a storm is a great thing and allows for that Creativity to flow right in!

What visions are you leaning towards this week?



What keeps me motivated during the week? Receiving 5 star client reviews of course! Always a joy to know my small business coaching session has made a difference in someone else’s career. I love what I do. Details on coaching with me on the blog. What is ONE thing you can do today to get closer to reaching one of your goals?



Kicking up my heels today and saying OH-yeah! Signed a new lease for my business this week, getting ready to GROW and renovate my brick and mortar spa for ALL things Amazing ahead! Opportunities for us all are there, but you must go GRAB them. I always have to seek and find, work hard to get, study to be the best, engage in touch conversations and make the best decisions for my business, research to always be in the know and word hard to pay for my growth. This hard worki’n lady is saying you can do it too and I’m in the boat with you.

Cheers for a great week and Let’s GROW together. Connect with me on LinkedIN and Instagram


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