Book Signing: Waiting While Dating Christian Dating Book Launch


To say I have been busy is an understatement. Showcasing the Jan. book launch in April for “Waiting While Dating: Christian Couples who Kept God First From Courtship to Marriage” confirms that! Jeff and I are busy packing up our little bungalow to move into our first home together. Such a great time to reminiscence about everything as we pack up our items.. including going through our “momentos” box, where I keep all of the special items like event tickets, programs, pics, etc. of when we dated.  Which reminded me of the book which took me three loooong years to finish, but what an amazing book launch we had.

Even though by day I own a spa and a run a team, I have learned your values and Christian perspectives flow from your job to your personal life by all the decisions you make. Writing a Christian dating book seemed like a stretch at first but then I realized I am the same person in business as in my personal life.  Your integrity must be aligned in both your personal and professional life. And there you have it. If you can’t trust someone in their personal life, don’t trust them in business. And if you can’t trust them in business, don’t trust them in your personal life. Unfaithful in your personal life? Then most likely unfaithful in the work place. Act immorally in the work place? Why would you be different on a date?I have seen firsthand people make poor personal decisions and then it trickles into their business life eventually. It may not come overnight, but it can trickle in over the years and make a mess. So get your personal life together and a strong, healthy professional life can follow.

Date strong, date with values, date with your FAITH at the forefront.

Have the right people behind you, beside you and along with you the entire time.

Before you date, become the person YOU are looking for in return. I even had to do the same. I was not the person I wanted to marry before and I did a LOT of soul searching, hard work and turned my life around and re-focused on my Christian values. After my hard work finally shined through me, only then was I  ready to tackle the dating world again and it was amazing how the doors opened. But you have to be able to do the work, keep focused and let go when it doesn’t align just right.

So thankful for all of the friends and family surrounding me and my husband during the launch. A huge thank you to my publishing house, Ambassador International, the Venue M. Judson Bookstore and the caterer (oh my word their pimento cheese is the BEST I have ever had) The Chocolate Mousse cafe, and my photographer Angela Cox Zion.

This little book is proof in the pudding that if you dream it, have faith, build it…yes they will come:)


…Now go grab your copy, it’s on Amazon!

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