Secrets spa Pevonia in Punta Cana Dominican Republic

This spa owner and Esthetician’s passion is visiting other spa’s. I just LOVE it.

Very Simple: I share with you my favorites and Why:

I know first hand how incredibly hard it is to run a spa, keep up with the trends yet provide quality service and treatments. No detail escapes me and I am constantly learning. From the way the menus are designed, the way I am treated as I arrive, the cleanliness of the spa, the treatment room and atmosphere, the expertise of the staff and the overall experience.

If I like a spa, it is a big deal. I am really selective and rarely go back twice unless I am hooked. As  I don’t bash spas I don’t like, I just don’t talk about them:) They be great for some people but not for me.  So the spa’s that have won me over, are on this blog.

Here you go: SECRETS Spa by Pevonia

Location: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Breaking down the spa in three sections: Business, Beauty and Spa details

Business: Very easy to reserve, conveniently located to the rooms and extremely friendly staff.  My appointment was on time and my therapist was there to greet me and very polished. Her demeanor was friendly and made me feel comfortable. She guided to my locker to change, showed me the areas of the spa where I could relax and showed me the grounds. *Note: My only suggestion is that the lockers were very difficult to get into. It took three lockers just to put my flip-flops in and put on a robe. I actually just had rather walked to my room since I only had a room key with me and flip-flops.

Spa design….

GORGEOUS. The spa is immaculate, both inside and out. The grounds are incredible and the interior is very well designed.

Walking to the room was a treat. You pass by a very serene and calming sitting area with every magazine to think of and then it opens to the outside areas leading to the rooms. You walk on white stepping stone over water to reach your room. The rooms are very well designed, the perfect size and the neutral colors are calming.

Beauty: I had the Secrets Exclusive Facial. Normally I do not get facials on beach getaways, but if I know I am towards the end of my trip and future sun exposure is at a bare minimum (and my face was well taken care of on the trip) then I allow myself the treatment. Again, I am very diligent about sun not hitting my face so my large brimmed hat is on and sunscreen is on all day. I sit under umbrellas outside and wear a rash guard over my bathing suit.

The Esthetician was very pleasant, allowing me to truly relax. She accessed my skin, we chatted skin talk and then I let her do her thing.


The bathrooms had every little something I could think of if I needed it (deodarant, cleansers, toothpaste, mouthwash, the works) and the vanity area to dress if needed was extremely spacious. There were plenty of changing rooms, lockers and showers.

The facials presentation was lovely. Small tear dropped bowls held my ingredients and everything was placed on a wooden tray. The Esthetician wore a facial mask which made me feel good. Normally this isn’t an issue, but since I am in another country it made me feel more comfortable.

The outside pool was gorgeous. I was the only one there while other resort goers were at the beach so it was all mine. Had I had known they had delicious treats in the lounge area, I would have not just eaten (but that is easier said than done at an all-inclusive).  The spa offered a variety of fresh, fruit infused water near the relaxation pool so no need to bring your water bottle.

Notes for next time: I came in for a quick facial and told my husband I would meet him again in an hour (which this time thank goodness I did as he laid under a palm tree without sunscreen on and was a bright tomato when I came back). Next time, however (after the hubs is properly sun-screened and under a shady tree) , I will spend more time enjoying myself in the relaxation room and the calmness. I was hesitant about what an all-inclusive spa was like, but this one did not disappoint.

Esthetician approved.

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