Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Office

Valentine's Day Gift for the Office

Most of us are with our coworkers or team for 40 or more hours a week, sometimes these peers become some of your closest friends. What better day to show you care than Valentine’s day. I have gathered some savvy & affordable office supplies, sweet treats and more that make caring gifts for your office team mates:

  1. Desk accents add cheer to any drab cubicle. This gold Ananas trinket dish is ideal to hold paper clips and small desk items, and your co-worker can be more productive with inspiring  pink and white motivational pencils with phrases ‘like a boss’? Insider tip: Preferring a good pencil over a pen, a creative pencil always keeps me perky.
  2. For a yummy treat, strawberry marshmallows and luxurious pink & gold chocolates make for the most decadent V-day sweet.
  3. The Mine Design take note candle is just plain cute XX. The ceramic vessel features notebook paper markings that provide an erasable slate for writing poems, reminders, and love notes. Every now and then, sneak an inspiring “Way to Go” or one of these Motivational Monday  shareable quotes on your co-workers candle for a pick-me-up.
  4. The coffee lover will swoon over  this “Heart of Gold” dipped coffee cup, and pair it with indulgent double decadent chocolate coffee from World Market.
  5. Rose soap petals are both beautiful, aromatic and practical. These Moroccan Soap Petals come in the shape of rose buds and scents like Tahitian Vanilla, Moroccan Rose or French. An ideal vanity side for adding to your favorite dish or apothecary jar.
  6. Made of moisturizing shea butter infused with a wild blackberry fragrance, this French soap in a vintage wrapping is perfect for gifting. Pair with the Moroccan soap petals for a complete set.

XX Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Office XX

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